Open positions

At the moment we are not looking for employees, but we would supervise bachelor/master theses or student internships. If you possess the following qualities, we look forward to receiving your application:

  • You have a very good understanding of information security
  • You have a good academic performance
  • You like Linux environments
  • You can write your CV using LaTeX markup language
  • You can send your application encrypted using GPG
  • You may have black humor
Okay, that may be a lot, but we are offering:
  • We do know how to handle good students with potential.
  • We promise: You will learn a lot, really a lot.
  • We do know how to write academic theses.
  • We only work with high end technical equipment - no consumer stuff.

All others please note:

  • Due to privacy reason we only accept PGP/GPG encrypted applications. All other applications will be immediately deleted, without giving you any feedback.
  • In general we do not work with recruitment agencies. It is a waste of your and our time to contact us.
  • No, we are not joking.