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How secure is your organization - would an attacker be able to penetrate your company's security perimeter successfully? For small and medium-sized businesses our Securtiy Checkup will give you an answer.

The classical approach to evaluate a company's security level would be to perform a penetration test. During this test an attacker would try to compromise a company's information technology by using hacking tools and techniques. Although penetration testing is a major business part of our company, performing penetration tests has a big limitation: It is just checking the security from a hacker's point of view. Primarily from the outside. The pentests counterpart is a security audit. Taking a look inside the company and asking the right questions, that is typically done during security compliance audits.

Our Security Checkup combines both approaches: Performing a organizational security audit and performing a penetration test. Allowing both to benefit from each others insights. Taking advantage of security management audit controls and technical audit controls, allows us to perform more realistic security assessments.

Our security audit part is based on the Cyber-Security-Check of the BSI (German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology). The biggest difference to the original Cyber-Security-Check is, that we are not assessing the "Usage of Social Networks", since we are focusing on possible information security issues. In addition the partially Cyber-Security-Check requirement of conducting penetration tests is overachieved, because we are relying on penetration testing to drastically increase the overall security check insight potential.


For an individual offer please contact us. To provide you a binding offer we need additional information about your company:

  • Size of your company, e.g. headcount and locations
  • Size of your IT, e.g. network diagram, external ip addresses
  • If existing your security policies and similar material
Please note, that you can encrypt confidential information by using tools like PGP/GPG.


Do you have questions about our service? Do you like to get an offer? Just get in touch with us. Please use our contact form or call us +49 69 2475607 0.

Key Facts

  • For small and medium-sized companies
  • Security Audit
  • Penetration Testing
  • Based on BSI Cyber Security Check