IT Security & Security Management Consulting

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In many companies, information technology has become such an important cornerstone that the actual business processes can no longer function without a properly working IT system. Active IT security risk management has thus become pivotal in protecting companies and maintaining their operations. Security vulnerabilities must be continuously identified, monitored and reduced. Carrying out such evaluations as well as selecting and implementing suitable security measures can prove difficult We can assist you and help you make the right decisions. Be it a technical problem, a certification process or comprehensive security management, we can help.

Based on our extensive experience with financial services, we support companies with PCI-DSS compliance. Companies that store, forward or process cardholder data are compelled to use the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The PCI DSS consists of twelve different requirement categories and is one of the most specific security standards in information security. It comprises technical as well as organisational security measures and can affect almost all areas of a company. The certification process according to PCI DSS can be difficult. We can help companies get through this challenge.


Most of our customers are medium-sized companies. We help them to safeguard their information technology and business operations. We are not the type of consultants who work full-time in your offices over the course of several months. We are here to provide advice and short-term support. Our services are remunerated by the hour or day. Please contact us for more information.


  • IT security management consulting
  • IT security consulting
  • PCI DSS consulting
  • Certified consultant: CISSP, CISM