Security Experts for Penetration Testing and Security Consulting

We are your Security Experts for Penetration Testing and Security Consulting. Our expertise in Security Management, IT Security, Secure System Engineering and Penetration Testing allows us to advise you on multiple levels of information security. Our main focus will always be to secure your business and your business critical information systems. Benefit from our high practice experience and get in touch with us:

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Our Services

Penetration Testing

Do you wonder whether your IT is secure? We identify security vulnerabilities in your IT systems. During a so called penetration test, we use the same tools and techniques a malicious attacker would use to compromise your systems. More Information..

Security Consulting

Do you need security consulting support? We advise you on security management frameworks like ISO 27001 or PCI DSS. In addition we are able to support you in choosing and implementing technical security controls. By combining security management and technical security consulting we enhance your level of information security. More Information..

Business Security Checkup

Do you like to know how secure your organization is? Do you wonder if you are missing some security controls? We perform holistic and extensive security assessment by auditing your security framework and performing a technical penetration test. Combining both management and technical assessments will provide you with a transparent view of your information security level. More Information..

Security Training

Are you looking for an individual security training for your staff or your software developers? We provide technical security training, for example secure coding trainings for PHP developers. During our training developers will learn why and how to write secure code. In addition we will teach how to perform simple security tests, by using typical hacking attacks. More Information..

Do you need support or do you have questions?

If you have any questions about our services, if you need security support in any way, or if you have a urgent security issue, please do not hesitate to contact us - just use our contact form or call us +49 69 2475607 0. Our services are offered in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Customers about us

As a licensed payment service from Malta ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of our data is absolutely necessary. The binsec GmbH is supporting us in the selection and implementation process of appropriate security controls. We do recommend the professional consulting services of binsec GmbH.

Christian Diegelmann, EPG Financial Services Ltd., Chief Executive Officer

As a PCI DSS Level 1 certified payment service provider, we recommend binsec as a service provider for penetration testing without reservation. The conducted penetration tests allowed us to improve our level of security even more. The reports are very professional, detailed and comprehensible, and focused on target groups. The Management Overview, including a detailed risk assessment, provided us a quick and well-targeted overview.

Martin Michatz, Euro Payment Group GmbH, Chief Executive Officer