Online Security Trainings

binsec academy GmbH

Our subsidiary binsec academy GmbH offers comprehensive online trainings with extensive practical components. is the platform for online IT security training to improve your knowledge with comprehensive course materials and lab environments for gaining hands-on experience. Take a look at our courses.

Pentest Training
Discover the world of penetration testing. Learn how to infiltrate networks and take control of systems and applications. Learn the difference between hacking and professional penetration testing. Our training is 100% online, so all you need is an adequate internet connection. You decide when and where you learn: our portal or the lab can be accessed worldwide. Our concept is to provide you with everything you need for autonomous study: We provide you with written explanations with examples, and you can then try out what you have learned in your personal lab environment. Connect to your lab with your OpenVPN credentials – scan and penetrate the network, perform injection attacks, exploits and more.
Secure Coding Training
Learn about the most common security risks for web applications (OWASP Top 10). Find out how to identify and exploit general vulnerabilities in applications and how to fix existing holes and prevent new ones from occurring. As an application developer, you are implicitly tasked with protecting your software against malicious hackers. To prepare you for battle, we will have you check a credit card transaction payment application for vulnerabilities and fix your findings in the program code as part of the "Secure Coding Training".