Incident Response DDoS-Angriff

Getting a DDoS is usually nothing that someone offering services on the Internet wants to experience. It usually starts with fast increase of incoming traffic and is accompanied by an e-mail asking for bitcoins and claiming that this is only a show of force. In current cases, there is 100Gbps traffic send to the victim.

We already managed to deal with situations like this for several customers. The solution - or better the initial response - depends on the existing technical setup. Switching to different IPs, getting DDoS protection from special providers, setting up new transfer links or implementing a GRE tunnel might be possible reactions.

Nowadays it is better to prepare for such an attack instead of only reacting to it. Finding the adequate solution and implementing it may be time consuming. Having something in place is important, if the business model requires a 24/7 uptime of the critical services.

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