Pentesting of DICOM software

As an international standard for medical imaging and image communication, DICOM defines the formats for medical images and ensures that they can be exchanged with the required data and in the required quality for clinical use.

DICOM technically defines the file format and the network protocol. The file format is designed to store medical images and patient data. It may contain data from different imaging modalities, such as radiography, ultrasonography and computed tomography. It usually contains a lot of metadata (e.g. patient data). The network protocol 104/tcp is a a client-server protocol used to transfer medical images. It is frequently used to integrate medical imaging devices and Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS).

During the penetration test we for example check if the medical data is transmitted unencrypted, how CVE-2019-11687 is mitigated and are going to fuzz the DICOM API using our python dicom fuzzing library.

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