New job as Senior Penetration Tester

Getting a Job as Senior Penetration Tester

We are always looking to expand our team of senior penetration testers. As of German legal reasons we need to make clear, that we do not discriminate people by gender, so if you are a man you are also welcome. Hence we are looking for a Senior Penetration Tester (all gender).

Requirements for a Senior Penetration Tester

Being a senior penetration tester requires a deep general technical understanding, a huge interest in information security and the ability to speak and communicate profesionally with our customers. At binsec we do have some special requirements for new senior penetration tester, who likes to join our penetration testing team.

  • You should not rely in any way on using automated vulnerability scanners during a penetration test.
  • You should be able to speak the German, English and Python Language. We may accept senior penetration tester which at least are able to write Python if unable to speak.
  • You are able to perform a penetration test for a web application, a mobile application, a network, an API... - so you are for example not a "Specialized External Penetration Tester" using Nessus as tool.
  • You should dislike using Windows as OS.
  • A CEH would be embarrassing for you too and you hold better certifications?
  • You choose using LaTeX to create your CV.
  • You can send your application GPG-encrypted.
  • You can read...
  • ...and won't send your application like many others in plaintext, because it will be deleted immediately.
  • You don't mind dark humour and a straight forward communication.

Benefits of being a Senior Penetration Tester

Becoming a member of our team as a senior penetration tester results in special benefits besides getting a monthly salary:

  • We do not conduct 6-12 month pentesting for customers - we don't do body leasing. We have many clients and you will regularly do different penetration tests.
  • You finally arrive in the binsec family and getting the binsec package.

You like our style of doing things? You know what to do. And please, do not send private keys during key exchange.