Magdeburg Penetration Testing

We provide Pentest in Magdeburg

The pentest provider in Magdeburg: We offer penetration testing in Magdeburg. External penetration test are carried out over the Internet and for internal ones we can use our pentest-box remotely without someone having to be on site in Berlin. Video calls also allow us to speak face-to-face with our clients in Magdeburg without incurring travel expenses.

Our service in a nutshell: Conducting Penetration Testing (Pentest)

Since 2013 our certified penetration tester team conduct pentest for IT infrastructures, web applications and mobile APPs (iOS / Android) and using a structured approach based on all relevant publications. As a service provider evaluate the identified and exploited vulnerabilities based on the associated business risk and compiling it into a report that contains a summary for the IT management and the technical details of the vulnerabilities identified. After you fix the vulnerabilities, we usually perform a retest without any additional charge.

  • ✔ Structured approach
  • ✔ Certifications: OSCP, OSCE, BACPP
  • ✔ Identifying technical and business security risks
  • ✔ Risk-weighted vulnerability assessment or CVSS scoring
  • Report splitted in management and technical part
  • ✔ Retesting included


Pentest use the same tools and techniques that real attackers would use to break into a system. It includes the use of security tools and carrying out manual tests to uncover vulnerabilities. Thus is it not a automatic vulnerability assessment. On the contrary, as a service provider for penetration testing we are using the same tools and techniques that real attackers would use to break into a system. But while a real attacker only needs to find and exploit one vulnerability, a penetration tester checks all relevant attack vectors.

Having a structured approach is one of the most important factors to achive this in order to provide a professional pentesting service. Our approach is based on all relevant standards and publications.

Getting an Offer for a pentest

Pentest are always a compromise between effort and cost, to get a reasonable price. Successful pentest offer a good balance between these criteria to facilitate the testing of all relevant attacks and attack vectors. The cost of such a test always depends on the time the penetration tester spends and on the extent and complexity of the IT system or web applications. While a penetration test for a small application takes only some days, it can take several weeks for a large network or complex application.

For a pentest offers we do require prior information about the systems and applications that are to be examined. It is important that we get an initial impression of the target. For web applications, for example, test access can be helpful. Any additional information, e.g. the framework etc., can make it easier for us to draft a suitable offer for you. If you need us to pentest an IT system, we will need the corresponding network addresses in advance. In this particular case, we will first perform a non-invasive network scan to get a first look at your network. We will provide a detailed offer once we can estimate the effort required.

binsec GmbH is your german security service provider for penetration testing. Please get in touch with us if you would like to get a formal quote or if you have any questions. The company binsec GmbH is your pentesting vendor - order your pentest today!

binsec GmbH for professional Penetration Testing: Pentest Magdeburg

binsec GmbH is the german professional penetration testing company for pentest in Magdeburg. Get a pentest offer and order the pentest without typical sales nonsense. Talk to experts instead to pre sales consultants. Better pentesting. No nonsense. As a company for professional penetration testing, we do some things differently than other pentest provider: As a penetration test firm, we do not sell vulnerability scans as pentest. We do also focus on business security risks. You are looking for a professionally conducted penetration tests? Get the binsec team for your Magdeburg pentest!

FAQ about our Pentest Service

Of course. Please contact us for a pentest quote and a pentest sample report.

It is difficult to give an generalized answer to this question, since the toolset used basically depends on the respective test object. Of course, we use tools such as nmap to check IT infrastructures or the Burp Suite Professional in the case of web applications.

However, we believe that publishing a tool list is mere window dressing, as each target system should be tested individually. However, you are welcome to ask us about the tools we used after the pentest.

If you fix the vulnerabilities within a reasonable amount of time, we would be glad to retest at no additional cost.
Hosting a critical business application on a cloud provider such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Hetzner Cloud is becoming more and more common. Of course, we conduct penetration test for applications that are operated in the cloud. This also applies to cloud infrastructure penetration test as long as the virtual machines are not managed by the cloud provider itself.
There are three approaches based on the information a penetration tester gets before starting: Black-Box-Pentest, Grey-Box-Pentest and White-Box-Pentest. We always recommend going for grey box pentesting. It has the best cost-benefit ratio if you like to get your complete attack surface tested.
Of course, we also offer Offensive Security and Red Teaming. Basically they are a subcategory of pentesting with a very strong focus on unstructured Ethical Hacking.
We can pentest any business, IT system, application or network, right down to protocol fuzzing. We only leave the analysis of hardware chips under the microscope to others. We test for example: